It’s Friday !!! …

Friday is particularly a good day for me. Well, for most people too. Erm… for most working people, I think. Because it is weekend after Friday! Sadly, the downstairs’ shower in our rented house is not working and we have to share the upstairs’ shower. Previously, we thought that it might be the water pressure problem but it seems that the shower itself is malfunction. Imagine this, 6 people using a shower room. Fortunately, not all of them use the shower everyday.

By the way, it is very hot today.

I got an email from my brother saying that he might be online tomorrow. He bought a Celcom (Malaysia mobile provider) pay as you go package and will upgrade the SIM card to a 3G SIM card tomorrow. After that, he will use his mobile as a modem to connect to the internet using his laptop. My question was; why the SIM card needs to be upgraded to a 3G SIM card? Three years ago, when I first signed up Celcom, I was given a 3G SIM card but it is different now according to my brother.

As usual, I am quite busy. My manager will be off to see dentist soon and I will be left alone. I have to handle quite a lot of new requests today but I do not think that I will be able to finish them by today. The network will be cut off at 1630 and everyone has to switch off the computer before that time. Hopefully, everything will be going on smoothly next week.

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