Watery Sunday …

Yesterday, Mee and I went to the Sports Centre at Festival Place. They had a promotion price of £1 for using its swimming and health spa each. We had a very relaxing day. The health spa includes spa, sauna and steam. We were given a code to enter the health spa as well as wrist strap to identify us as the £1 user. Obviously, there were a lot of £1 users.

After that, Mee and I were quite tempted to sign up for the membership packages. But before that, I need to do some research on the number of sports centre in Basingstoke. One of the disadvantages of the Sports Centre is the parking. It is situated inside Festival Place shopping centre, so there is no free parking. I sent an email to check on the membership types but got a reply saying that they do not have any weekend membership. On normal rate, the use of health spa is £4.60 and even members need to pay £1 for each use.

Fitness First seems to have the better deal and flexibility. Eventually, I found another sports centre which is much more flexible because they are not so commercialized. It is the Queen’s Mary College’s sports centre. Membership is as low as £13 per month for a weekend pass which the deal which I would prefer to have. I will discuss with Mee later then.

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