Life is full of choices? …

Life is so full of choices especially in this ever advancing technology world. Do you think that we can live without technology? I cannot, really. Imagine this; our shower is not working and we have to use the upstairs bathroom until ours is fixed. Mee and I obviously are not used to using the upstairs bathroom and we tend to take shower quickly. That leaves us quite an amount of time to spend in the evening. So, what do we do? Browse the internet, playing games, watching drama and log on to social networking sites. Okay, maybe eat and reading newspaper but those activities are not going to use up our hours before sleep. Even if we are going to chat with our friends, we need to use our mobile phones or the internet.

So, what is the fuss? As my contract with my current broadband service provider is coming to an end on December, I thought that I should be browsing around for better deal. Eventually, my current deal is still the best even though I have to pay an extra £1.50 or £5.50 when I renew. For the extra £5.50, I will have broadband and phone line while for the extra £1.50, I will only have broadband.

Other broadband service providers have monthly download limits and the prices are scary. Most of the terms and conditions will be printed at the bottom of the page with a super-small-thin-blurry-font-size so that anyone will completely miss that line. To rephrase again, life is so not full of choices anyway.

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