Franchise opportunities

In the past, I used to think that McDonald’s< Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut and the likes were owned by big companies and only big companies. Part of it was because one of my tuition teachers also said that only big companies have franchise opportunities with famous fast food companies. Maybe I misunderstood his meaning but the fact is, anyone can have franchise opportunities as long as the money is available.

I was a part-time worker in one of the franchised Burger King restaurant and I must admit that the owner was very stingy. Every pence counts and the food served was not always fresh. Sometimes when they faced unexpected crowd which left them with limited food for the rest of the week, they would shopped at Asda for cheap buns. That just shows their low quality control of Burger King’s franchise partners. Well, if I had the money to buy a franchise opportunity and Burger King was the only franchise opportunities available, I would rather save up the money.

Gordon Ramsay once quoted in FHM that Burger King’s beef is comparable to those served in high class restaurant. I do not think so.

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