Previous weeks matters …

It is Thursday now. Weekend is near once again. I had just stayed overtime yesterday because there were some tasks that needed to be completed. My manager’s phone calls are diverted to my phone since yesterday and I have been accepting calls from people who I have never met or heard before. Of course, they were surprised because I answered the calls. Anyway, I managed to solve their problems.

In the span of the past two weeks, I have received a number of emails from I was quite active in Gather before but eventually I stopped because my work is getting busier. Somehow, I hope that I will find the time again to visit Gather and make some friends there. But right at the moment, I just want to concentrate on updating my blog and also Entrecard.

Three weeks ago, a lot of Technorati users were having problem with the manual and automatic ping. I am glad that it is working fine now and my blogs are able to ping. I wonder why the support from Technorati never replies the tickets that were submitted to them. They should at least display a message saying that they are working on the issues that prevent the updates and pings. Even their Sign In hyperlink brings the user to Technorati Sign Up page.

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