F1 Singapore Grand Prix …

Right at this moment, the F1 Singapore Grand Prix is on its way. This is the first night experience in F1 history and I am working in my office at this time. Well, I must say that it is quite impressive to have a night track and all the F1 drivers will try to become the first F1 driver to register a win in that track.

F1 Singapore Grand Prix Track

F1 Singapore Grand Prix Track
Fast Facts

Race Date
28 September 2008
Asia’s first F1 street race
First night-race in F1 history
Number of Laps
61 (estimated)
Circuit Length
5.067 km
Race Direction
Number of Turns
24 turns, consisting of 14 left and 10 right turns
Maximum Speed
In excess of 300kph along Raffles Boulevard
Between 250 and 300kph on Pit Straight
St Andrews Road and Esplanade Drive
Slowest Corners
80 – 100 kph at T3, T10, T11, T15, T19 and T20
Overtaking Opportunities
Turn 1 Pit Straight
Turn 7 Raffles Boulevard
Turn 15 Esplanade Drive


Singapore Tourism Board

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