Steam cleaners

When I came to UK, I felt a bit uncomfortable with carpeted floor in most houses. In my opinion, carpeted floor is quite unhygienic even if we vacuum every day. Hairs, coffee stains, bits and pieces of food are very hard to see or clean off carpeted floor. However, most houses only have vacuum cleaners and steam cleaners seem to be not popular among the residents. In fact, most supermarkets only advertise vacuum cleaners.

Steam cleaners work in high temperature and will be able to clean and sanitize carpeted floors as well as furniture. New homes with wooden floors are also suitable to use with steam cleaners because most steam cleaners come with all kinds of accessories to be used on different kinds of surfaces.

I have seen shop assistants using small steam cleaners to straighten and clean clothing. I wonder if those powerful steam cleaners can be used for the same purpose.

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