CDL Training

When I was small, I always hope that I was old enough to drive. The first few years of learning to drive until obtaining my driving license were great. However, when I started my first job as a system support, I soon found out that driving could be boring and tiring. Traffic jams, trying to get to a place on time and driving all day long have made driving boring. During my last job in Malaysia, I started enjoying driving again because I did not have to drive to work or drive for work.

Working for a delivery company or something similar is certainly not my type. Some people can be a truck driver as easy as obtaining a license. However, in countries like US, truck driver has to go through CDL training in order to prove that they have the ability and right attitude when driving a truck. It is good to have some kind of certifications or trainings before getting a career in trucking as one may know whether he or she is suitable in trucking while undergoing the training.

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