Netbooks war …

As far as I am concern, I have totally abandoned my thought of getting an Apple Macbook. It is near year end and lots of netbooks are on their way to the market. There are Dell Mini, Lenovo S series, Fujitsu Amilo, HP Mini and the popular Asus EEE. I have browsed through all their specifications lately and right at the moment, Lenovo or Asus will most likely be my final purchase.

Dell Mini is pricey and for £299, you get SSD storage of 12GB only. Fujitsu Amilo is pricey too. All the netbooks are equipped with Intel Atom processor except HP Mini which is equipped with VIA processor. As tested by most of gadgets review website, HP Mini does not perform. Lenovo S series will be out in October and hopefully, the price will be competitive to Asus EEE. However, Lenovo S series do not have the option of SSD storage. On the other hand, I read a review on Asus EEE where the reviewer explained that there was no significant increase of speed when using Asus EEE with SSD storage. But the fact is that SSD is more durable than normal hard disk.

All I have to do now is to wait for the brand clash so that I will get a better price in the end.

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