Renovation …

As promised, the shower was fixed on Monday. The feeling is really good because we do not have to worry about other housemates waiting to use the bathroom. Even though the water pressure is still low but that does not cause the shower to turn to cold water when someone flushes the toilet or opens the tap.

It is Hari Raya today and my brother and his family is at hometown until Sunday. However, another brother of mine is busy and will not be back to hometown. Just 30 minutes ago, I received a batch of photos from my brother about the house’s renovation. Those photos were taken by my father start from the beginning of the renovation work. Initially, I told Mee that I was wondering how the house will look like after renovation but after looking at the pictures, it looks good!

One response on “Renovation …

  1. sis

    yes, i agree, it looks super duper good!

    actually, i told mama to get papa to take some pictures oneee.. so we can look look! mama said, can get koko to take pictures of the ‘finished products’ but i said i want to see the ‘in process’ work too!

    anyway, happy hari raya (eid)!

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