Gradually finishing my tasks …

I am feeling quite frustrated by one of the staffs in another department. I have been trying to arrange a deployment into his computer since July but he never replies my email. I have set a read request and obviously, he read my email. I had sent another one yesterday and I just received the read received email. If he still ignores my email, I will send him another email stating that everyone is waiting for him to reply before we can proceed and the fact that he never replies email.

At the moment, I am doing some old tasks and hopefully, I can really clear them off. Well, old tasks mean unimportant tasks and no one is chasing or asking about them. Doing old tasks means that I have already finished all the important tasks, which is good.

One of my housemate is moving out by the end of this week. His newly rented house will only be 1-2 miles away. After he moves out, there will be no parking problem and Mee and I do not have to guess whether we will have a place to park especially weekend.

My sis sent me an email saying that she had an error message while trying to save a comment. Hmm … I had activated Akismet spam control and I never test it out. Once I disabled it and tested the comment, there was no error message.

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