On PSP now …

I took a little sneak peek on God of War: Chains of Olympus and discovered that I have already half way through the game. As I mentioned, the background light is better than Prince of Persia. However, Prince of Persia is a much better game to play because it lets you control the whole character. It climbs, jumps, dies from falling and there are traps to avoid. Even the view of the Prince has to be controlled; left and right. God of War’s character, Kratos, is not as lively as the Prince in Prince of Persia. Anyway, I am determined to finish the game and continue to God of War 2 since there is no new Prince of Persia title coming out.

It was raining on Saturday and Sunday. One of my housemates had moved out officially on Saturday and we are wondering what kind of housemate will move in afterwards. One thing we hope is that the couple living above our room will move to the other room which is not directly above our room. All the rooms upstairs are supposed to have a person in each room and since there are two persons in the room above us, the noise has doubled and it is unbearable.

Today, I overslept but still managed to get to office on time. Well, I have to get on with my busy work now.

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