A lot of excuses …

It has been raining from morning. Not a good weather obviously. But one of my colleagues was checking the weather forecast a few hours ago and found out that tomorrow will be sunny. We will see then.

I have been giving a lot of excuses lately. As you notice, there are not much changes or improvements to my blog. Most of the things that I mentioned before are not done yet even though I was quite determined at that time. Well, my excuses are separated into two parts. Firstly, my job is getting busier and busier that I only have time to write about my thoughts instead of expanding my blog. Secondly, the thought of getting a netbook is getting stronger but I am still waiting patiently because I am hopeful that the price will go down towards the end of the year. Better yet, more choices of netbook will be on the market.

Well, that netbook thing gives me the excuse because I will have more flexibility in updating my blog and uploading pictures using the netbook as compared to my computer. Most likely, I will format my computer once I bought a netbook. Other things that I have thought about are to get a better casing and a SATA hard disk. But all these involved money. I have to spend wisely and save wisely.

Picture attached is my ideal casing.

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