Investment network: Inner8

Social networking sites have been integrated into many types of business. Facebook which is considered as the most successful social networking site is only the beginning of it. SocialSpark, on the other hand, has taken the concept of creating a social network among all bloggers for them to share and connect with each other. Inner8 has a very different integration yet the idea is the same.

Inner8 has integrated investment with social network concept. The concept is very new but I believe Inner8 has been quite successful in creating a network for self-directed investors to share and discuss.

Inner8 website is still in beta. However, you can find everything that you need in order to invest as well as communicate with other investors. Sharing is virtue. The idea behind Inner 8 is to carefully create an investment community where every investors share their opinions and ideas just about every investments.

Inner8 is powerful in the sense that it displays the data according to your input. From that data, it also matches you to other similar investors. Great minds think alike. Inner8 is not creating a ‘YOU’ factor but to create a greater community that makes investment more valuable and profitable. Data from other members and analytics are presented to you in order for you to analyze your next step in the market. What’s the catch when it is totally free to sign up?


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