Not so smooth week …

Yesterday was my manager’s birthday. He took a day off. And he took another day off today because he got a cold. Hence, I have quite a lot of things to do. The reports in the system are not showing the correct results lately. I wonder why they never complain previously because we never change the report since it is working fine all the time. I just cannot believe it. Reports after reports are pouring in to me these two days and I have to correct them one by one. Worst thing, I am not the one who created the report.

Things are not going smoothly. I just found out that my blog will down intermittently because of my host’s host. The servers in my office are acting weird as they lag while I access some network files. Luckily, they are not at all my problem.

As soon as I finish this post, I will be upgrading the main college’s software. Quite a long procedure but I reckon that I will finish it very quickly. At this point of time, I will leave the reports alone because the upgrading is more important and it will solve more problems.

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