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The weather has been great lately. Sunny in the afternoon. After all, sunny is better than rainy days. Everyday, before I go to work or after I come back from work, I will always look at my neighbour’s garden and counting. Well, counting the spiders. There are at least six spiders hanging upside down on their nicely weaved webs. They are gross.

In the summer, we saw different types of spiders which have long legs and in dark colours. Now, autumn period, the spiders are smaller, hairy and a bit colourful. But they are just gross. I just do not really like spiders even though I had spiders as pet when I was small. But that was a different type of spiders.

The office is very quiet now. Some colleagues are on lunch and my manager is not in for the third time this week.

All My Reviews

All My Reviews

And finally, the good news. I have started another blog called All My Reviews. It is all about my interests, which is to write reviews on movies, gadgets and games. I have been slow in updating My Ideas 4 You partly because I was setting up All Reviews. For now on, all my reviews will go to All My Reviews and My Ideas 4 You is all about my ideas, thoughts and daily life. Isn’t that good?

Oh yeah, I have decided to keep My Ideas 4 You design as it is and All My Reviews’ design is the design that I would have applied for My Ideas 4 You initially.

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