A night’s tale …

Entrecard seems to have return to its normal state. It is fast now. A few days ago, while I was happily receiving my blog’s payout through my paypal account, I discovered that paypal needs me to verify that I am the owner of the account. Well, I am not quite sure why this happens because I have verified my account before. You know, through some bank digits thing. Anyway, as long as it does not affect the sending and receiving of monies using my paypal account, I do not mind about the verification process.

At the moment, I am quite addicted to PSP God of War. The game is quite straightforward and I am looking forward to the ending of the game. I reckon that I am quite near to finishing the game.

Finally, some update of my netbook buying plan. Weeks ago, there are news about integration of 3G card into Asus EEE netbook by the end of the year. And from the news that I read, it seems like the 3G card will only be available in the 9” series. Well, I hope that it will be integrated into the 10” as well because I believe that I will go for the 10” model. The more functions it has, the better.

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