New housemate? …

My manager is back today. Things are going on as usual. I will have my final mandatory training tomorrow and it will last for about 2 hours. Hope that I will not fall asleep during training. I wonder if there will be an increase in my salary after the training.

The problem with Entrecard is yet to be fixed. Erm … I believe so because just after a few drops and Entrecard stops responding.

My landlord will be away from the 14th this month and I believe that he is desperate to find a new tenant to replace our previous housemate. He brought a Malaysian girl to look at the room on Sunday. However, she did not rent the room because it is quite far away from her workplace. Later in the afternoon, my landlord brought another girl who came with the whole family to view the room. The result is unknown.

So, what are the criteria of an ideal housemate? Must be good, of course. Hopefully, he or she will be someone who cares about the people living in the house. One of my housemates who usually go to work early in the morning did not close the main door properly two days in a row. Here is the riddle and also the answer. The door was locked but not closed. So, the door was left opened but the doorknob was on lock position. Great job!

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