My last training …

Yesterday, when I got home, the new girl has moved in. Mee was at home when she moved in and she was the girl who came to view the room with her family on Sunday. I have not seen her yet though. Apparently, a friend of her will accompany her for few days and they are quite young. The landlord came at night to check if she was doing fine in the house.

Today is the day, my final mandatory training. I received an email when I opened my mailbox and it was a reminder about the training from the organizer. Well, it is the last training and I will definitely attend it no matter what.

Hmm… just hours ago, I received an email from Amazon saying that my item will be delivered on the 17th this month. I have ordered it last Friday and now, it seems like it will take two whole weeks for it to arrive. From the comments, they mentioned that the delivery was fast. Are two weeks considered a fast delivery? Well, what can I say unless I pay extra for next day delivery?

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