Back from sinus …

Another wet day. I was having sinus yesterday but now, I am fully recovered. I am glad that I have recovered, otherwise, I am not sure how can I carry on with my work. The thing is that my brain as well as my motions seems to slow down whenever I have flu or sinus. I just cannot concentrate. Luckily, I was at my final training for two hours. That meant I only needed to work five and a half hours out of seven and a half hours.

Everything went smoothly and I have just finished typing my final stage of review. Soon, I will email it to my manager. Phew, that is a relief.

I have noticed that SocialSpark has taken some good measures to prevent bloggers to take up opportunities where their blogs may not qualify. Well, in the past, any bloggers can take up any opportunities and they are not really restricted by the requirements especially the country requirements. Sometimes, I clicked too quickly that I only found out that I was not entitled to have the opportunity afterwards because the opportunity was only for US bloggers. But now, if an opportunity is specifically for US bloggers, then I will not be able to take the opportunity.

ATMT Portable Media

ATMT Portable Media

I have been looking at ATMT product for sometime but I am still not willing to pay for the price which is about £150 sold by Amazon. To my surprise, this item is sold by at only £69.99 which is a real bargain. Sadly, I already have a DVD burner. This ATMT portable product features a 16X DVD Burner, 160GB HDD, 6-in-1 Card Reader and one USB port and it weighs less than a kilogram. Well, for those who know me, I just love portable products. Just as much as I like netbooks than laptops.

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