FM transmitter arrived …

The item that I bought from Amazon had arrived yesterday. It is a Tecknet FM transmitter device to be used in my car. It is quite expensive to make my car works with CD. The player itself has a cassette slot and is compatible with CD changer. However, installing a CD changer will be very expensive in UK. Anyway, I have tested the FM transmitter and it works just as described. The sound may not be as good as a CD player but the price is only a quarter of a normal CD player. I will post a review in All My Reviews once I tested it thoroughly.

Tomorrow, I may need to work overtime because there is a need to upgrade the existing system. The upgrading process needs to be done without anyone in the system. Hopefully, everything will be done smoothly.

The weather changed drastically. It was raining and cold for the last few days and it is bright and sunny today. Hope that it maintains like this throughout the weekend.

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