Life at work …

As expected, I finished my work at 1715 on Friday. That was about 45 minutes late. However, the system upgrade was successful. Hopefully, we will not be receiving too many calls from users next week. As the upgrade was successfully done, I have a list of tasks waiting for me to do on Monday. A whole bunch of tasks. Life at work is just getting busier. Sometimes, when you almost finish all the tasks on hand, that is when you will get more tasks and the tasks are like never ending.

Friday morning was icing cold and my car was “iced”. The windscreen and the top of my car had a layer of ice. Unknowingly, I thought it was water and I turned on the wiper. Luckily, the car has a heated windscreen and within seconds, the ice started to melt. If the car did not have the heated windscreen, I wonder how long I had to wait in my car before the ice melted.

Tomorrow, Mee will be working. I guess I will use the time to tidy up the room and finish some blogging stuff. Hmm… she will work for 4 hours and that will give me about 3 and a half hours time to do my things. That should be enough.

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