Pay the price for the quality

Working as a system support in Malaysia is different from working as a system support in UK. In Malaysia, the term system support can have different meaning and often it covers any system that you can find within the organization. When I was working as a system support in Malaysia, I had to answer all the queries regarding the system internally as well as ensuring the system was connected physically. So, what do I mean by physically? I remember once when the office was under renovation. We, as the system support team had to cut and clamp over 100 network cables for the users to connect their computers at their desks. Then we had to also ensure that every network points were connected properly to the switches and server. Well, I thought that should be the job of the contractors involved. But sadly, no.

Enough for that. One thing that I found was the quality of the connectors. They were just simple Cat5E jack and most of the jacks were not working properly. If only the company was good enough to invest in some good Cat5e Keystone jack rather than purchasing some cheap jacks, our jobs could be easier. Cat5E Keystone jacks by Firefold look sturdy and they are flame retardant. However, it was out of questions when money was involved.

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