Come and go …

Weather again. Hot today. Surprising news was our new housemate has moved out, again. Our landlord is still on vacation and we wondered if she has told to inform the landlord. Maybe our landlord is too nice. Tenants can just come and go without following the contract rules.

One thing that has been troubling Mee and me is the door locking sense. Most of our housemates only remember lock their rooms’ doors but not the main door or the back door. Sometimes, they even leave the doors open when nobody is at home. Of course, they will always remember to lock their door.

At work, I have a sense that a lady from another department does not like me very much. This morning, she asked her subordinate to call me and her subordinate acted like a middleman between two of us. I can hear her talking at the back and her subordinate tried to interpret what she wanted to tell me. Gosh, she was the one who wanted an answer from me and why can’t she call me directly? Anyway, that is not my problem. I cannot stop people from disliking me, can I?

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