Time to buy property?

UK house prices fall at a record rate recently. Just two days ago, house prices have dropped almost 50% in some housing area in UK. I wonder if it has something to do with the supply and demand or more likely that most people could not afford to pay the mortgage. If I were the UK permanent resident, this might be a good time to buy a house or apartment. Of course, it will not be some kind of investment for me. But it will be good to own a house or apartment rather than renting for the rest of my life.

As the house prices continue to fall, banks are offering their best mortgage rates and mortgage quotes are available just anywhere. Somehow, I believe that a lot of reading and planning need to be done before going for a mortgage loan. Some people may say that you will never know what will happen if you keep calculating but never go ahead. Well, at least I would like to keep myself prepared before dig deep into unwanted debts.

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