eCommerce Merchant Account

When I studied ASP in the final year of my degree, there was a group project where my group created an online store. The process of creating the online store was not really difficult as soon as we got the first item available in-store. We thought about creating a fully functional online store but little did we know that it will involve a lot of process and tools that were never taught by our lecturer.

At that time, there was a certain amount of money needed to open a eCommerce Merchant Account and some providers required a maximum and minimum limit of transactions a month. Well, that was about 6 or 7 years ago.

Merchant Focus is offering free Authorize.Net set up with 2.09% Visa/Mastercard rate, $0.19 transaction fee and no monthly minimum. The offer ends 31st October 2008. Hmm… this is definitely in a different league as Merchant Focus provides everything you need and even things that you do not need at the moment with a eCommerce Merchant Account. What else do you get? Toll free 24/7 customer support with free technical support!!!

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