Hair cut day …

Cool day. I got some time off yesterday because Mee and I had our hair cut appointments at Fleet. It is another town, about 15 minutes drive. The saloon is somewhere in the middle of housing areas but it was not hard to find the location with our TomTom. Well, we are quite satisfied with the results though and maybe we will go back there again.

Soon, a Polish guy will move in to the vacant room. He works in a factory and usually needs to go to work early. Hopefully, he will not create much noise like the others. Well, I am talking like Mee and I never make any noises. In fact, we do but not early in the morning or in the middle of the night. Just this morning, the couple who live in the room above us was very noisy. They were moving things around and walking in and out of their room. As if they owned the house. Come on, we were still sleeping!

I tried to check my office’s webmail but could not login at all. That’s when I thought of the all staff email that said network and email service will be down from Friday 1500 to Monday 0800.

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