Busy weekend …

Mee and I had a busy day yesterday. We went to Colindale in the morning for Mee’s facial appointment and it was raining. Gladly, it did not cause any congestion on our way to Colindale. As usual, we went to the Wing Yip superstore nearby to buy some Chinese food. The place was crowded. IKEA is just nearby and we both thought we should go and have a look. IKEA was even more crowded. Just queuing to pay alone wasted 30 minutes of our time.

On our way back, the traffic came to almost a standstill on the motorway because of some accidents happened. It took us twice as much time to get home than usual which was very frustrating.

This week is the term holiday. The car park is not as full as compared to term time. All the computers in the college were upgraded to IE7 and surprisingly, Entrecard works with my Firefox Portable now.

Entrecard Widgets mystery

With the ability to see Entrecard widgets using Firefox, I can drop Entrecards a lot easier and convenient now.

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