Your Chance to Win $33,000 !!!

You have the chance to win $33,000. That sounds attractive, doesn’t it? What’s more, it is simple and you pay absolutely nothing for entry or entries. There are no qualifying rounds or semi-finals or anything but winners. Enough for that, you must be very keen to know. In fact, you might have already skipped this very first paragraph.

Sign up for eBillme in order to enter the Shopping Confession contest. Create a video or text about your online shopping confession and you could stand a chance to win up to $1000 for winning the video or $500 for winning the text monthly. There is also a grand prize of $15,000 waiting to be won and it could be YOU!

When you become a member, you can send as much videos or texts as you like to increase your chances in winning the monthly prizes or the grand prize.

Just one small favour, when you sign up as a member, please enter the URL as which is my blog to help me to win the most referral URL. I will be deeply appreciated.

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