Macbook Air alternative, sort of …

Everything seems to have stopped right at the moment. No improvement, no changes, absolutely nothing except updating everyday. I mean my blog. At this point of time, I will continue to update it with my daily life even though it is not really relevant at all to my blog’s title. Well, I am really patient at the moment. Once I buy a netbook, update will be a lot easier and I will overhaul this whole blog.

All My Reviews is doing well at the moment. At least it is a blog that serves its purposes. I have published quite a few reviews and I will keep posting and posting reviews. Thus, there are no changes needed to be made on All My Reviews except My Ideas 4 You. Till then, I am keeping an eye on the netbook varieties and functionalities.

I am still waiting for a hands-on review on Lenovo Ideapad and Samsung NC10 because they are due to launch in November 2008. However, my focus is totally shifted to Dell Mini Inspiron 12 which will probably launch at the end of November 2008. It will be a 12” netbook where the specifications will be almost the same as other netbooks. The greatest advantage is that it is only 0.2” thicker than Macbook Air. Nevertheless, the performance cannot be compared to Macbook Air.


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