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A lot of people shun themselves from donating in the public. Me too. I do not know whether those people who ask for donations are for real because the documents they provide maybe forged. The easiest way is to call the relevant body to check whether they are having a donation event on that day and at that particular location. Well, that proves to be too troublesome and it comes down with two options; donate or not donate.

AidMaker is online software that will turn your computer to a charitable tool. As online shopping is getting popular, launches AidMaker to enable shoppers to shop and donate at the same time. If you have AidMaker software installed, just choose your favourite charity and start shopping. You only need to pay the online retail price and the online retailer will donate part of the purchase to the selected charity.

AidMaker is available for Windows and Mac users and it is FREE to use and download. Do your part now just by shopping online and let AidMaker and the retailers do their part.

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