It snowed last night …

The daylight saving was adjusted last Sunday. Since then, the day is dark at 1700 hours. As forecasted, it snowed last night. The snow was quite heavy because within minutes, all the cars by the roadside were covered with snow, so as mine. I woke up early today so that I would have some time to clear of the iced snow that covered my car.

The next thing I knew was I could not even open my car’s door. Not all four of them. The iced snow that covered my car was almost one inch thick. The handles were covered with ice and I had to break the ice first. Then, I started breaking the ice that covered all the windows and Mee came out to help me. Minutes later, I was able to open the door. I ignited the engine and turned on the heated screen immediately. 20 minutes later, I was able to set off to work. However, the road to work was congested. Apparently, some roads were closed.

I was late to work and someone was even later than me. But everyone knew what had happened.

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