Happy Halloween …

One of my colleagues just treated us with Halloween cakes that she made. They were simple individual cupcakes with some toppings. Light and nice. The council here encourages people who do not wish to be disturbed during Halloween period, to put up posters such as the one attached in this post.

Days ago, it was snowing but today is bright and sunny. However, the day gets dark at 1700 and it is really cold at that time. And today is Friday!!! Last day of October, salary day and best of all, weekend approaches.

The good news this week is that I have talked to my manager and he has approved my holiday. I have yet to talk to my department manager but she will be alright since my manager has approved it. But just to be sure, I will talk to her next week because she is on holiday this week. And I can go back in the coming Chinese New Year!!! Hooray !!!

One response on “Happy Halloween …

  1. The Hawg!

    Heh. Putting a sign like that up in my town would be the same as putting one up that reads, “Please egg my house. Thank you!”

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