Betfair – TaiKai

During the last English Premier League season, I played Yahoo! Football Championship for fun. I got to pick the formation as well as players for my team with an amount of points. Each real football game played in the Premier League would have points added or deducted based on the results. Weeks later, I thought it was boring and stopped playing it.

Now, TaiKai has come up with a gambling concept. Well, you have the choice to play with TaiKai dollars or real money. Of course, I will be playing with TaiKai dollars where I can predict the results of each tournament played. In addition, there are a lot of other sports that TaiKai can be played such as tennis, golf, rugby and the likes.

Right now, you can Sign Up Taikai using the promotion code of TAK001 if you are playing for real money. With the promotion code, you will be awarded £10 after three tournaments. Good luck!

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