Nokia E61 revival …

I woke up late today. But still, I managed to get to the office on time and there were a few parking spaces left. I got to use the new shower which was installed yesterday. After weeks of waiting, I hope the new shower system will be able to solve the problem. Otherwise, we will keep pestering our landlord.

Few days ago, I spotted my Nokia E61 while I was tidying up my stuffs. It was left in one of the boxes where I store my network cables. I tried to switch it on but it is still the same problem; the screen is damaged. The good news is, I have ordered a LCD screen from ebay and hopefully, I would be able to get my Nokia E61 working again within the next few days.

If you ask me to choose between Nokia E61 and Sony Ericsson P990i, I honestly do not know which one to choose. Nokia E61 is thin and there are a lot more application can be used with it. Moreover, the internet connection is faster than P990i. On the other hand, P990i has a touch screen interface and 2MP camera. I shall keep Nokia E61 as a SkypePhone and VOIP phone.

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