Almost the end of 2008 …

November is here now. It was not that cold this week as compared to last week which was freezing. I was late to work by 5 minutes today because I went to Lidl and the cashier charged me the wrong price for an item. It took almost 10 minutes to call the supervisor and then void the transaction and re-enter the transaction again. I bought an ice scrapper, a multi-cigarette socket, some vege and fruits.

Well, the real meaning of mentioning November is that Christmas is approaching. And I will soon order my netbook. My decision has changed over the time and now, I am focusing on Samsung NC10. Samsung was renowned for its short battery life in mobile phones. However, several test results from various netbook reviews indicated that Samsung NC10 is one of the longest lasting netbook.

Other than that, Samsung NC10 has the same specifications as other netbooks. It also comes with anti-bacterial keyboard. Nice for me because my palms tend to perspire.

My Nokia E61 LCD screen has not arrived. It should arrive either today or tomorrow because I received an email saying that the item was dispatched on the 4th November 2008.

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