I need a netbook …

It is Friday. Good because weekend is here once more. Hmm… what movie should I watch then? Well, that is not my only concern. Apparently, it is only around two months to countdown before we go back to Malaysia. Will I be able to update my blog frequently? EC dropping? Mind you, I only have dial up connection at Malaysia home. That is not bad rather than nothing at all.

I have yet to purchase my netbook but I am planning the steps of making a full back up and maybe install Linux Ubuntu on it. Otherwise, I will make a light copy of Windows XP instead of installing full version of Windows XP. There are netbook owners who installed Mac OS X but some of the functions are not supported. Thus, I will not be keen on installing Mac OS X once I get my netbook.

Netbook, netbook and netbook. It has been my excuse in getting some of my jobs done. I need a netbook so that I can format my computer. I need a netbook so that I can keep blogging while I am in Malaysia. I need a netbook so that I can transfer pictures and files faster. I need a netbook so that I can fiddle around with operating systems. I need a netbook blah blah blah blah … Endless excuses. That is my hobby in order to get new gadgets.

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  1. Amanda Nicole

    I have a netbook, an Acer Aspire One, and if I could take it into the shower with me, I would. I love it. So light, portable and affordable! I hope you get one of your own soon.

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