Problems …

Two days without posting. What was I doing? ‘Nothing’ is the answer. Well, I mean nothing special. Mee worked long hours, both Saturday and Sunday. She is VERY hardworking. Me, on the other hand, did nothing. Initially, I reserved my time to setup and repair my Nokia E61 because I expected the parcel to reach me by Saturday. Yes, it did come but I never heard any door bell at all on Saturday. Maybe I was watching movie at the time the postman came. All I was left with was a piece of notice asking me to collect my mail at the main post office.

If I were to have it delivered to another post office which is near to my place, I will have to pay 50 pence. Thus, I woke up at 0700 this morning to get the parcel. The LCD screen is with me now but I could do nothing to it until I get home.

My SendMail function has not been working for months, I think. My sis had sent quite a few comments previously but I did not receive any comment notifications through emails. Currently, I have directed my blog to send the notifications to my office’s email and it seems to be working fine.

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