Back in action – Nokia E61 …

It was raining in the morning and it is bright and sunny at the moment. I managed to replace the damaged LCD screen of my Nokia E61 and it is in good working condition now. I charged the battery and managed to setup the WiFi connection yesterday. Tonight, I will setup SIP so that Mee and I can use it to make internet calls. I am really happy now because I was afraid that it was not the LCD screen problem.

As I mentioned previously, Mee is hardworking. And today, she is working a longer shift and she will finish her work at the same time with me.

Regarding my broadband service, it is at the end of its 12 months contract. After this month, I will be paying the regular price of £20. I thought of switching but I could not find any better packages. Most of the broadband services incur a bandwidth limit monthly. One of my colleagues’ friend recommended Tiscali. However, the reviews were bad enough to put me off. Right now, I will just stick to my current broadband service provider, Virgin Media.

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