I am free …

My final review was completed finally. I am glad that my manager is pleased with my performance and how I work. However, one thing to note is my expression. My manager told me that my expression is not obvious in a sense that the person talking to me may not know whether I agree or not or whether I understand or not. Personally, he does not think that as a problem because he knows that I am like that since I have been working with him. Anyway, it is all about improvement and I am determined to improve.

Yesterday, I had successfully setup my Nokia E61with VOIP settings. Now, it will work as a VOIP phone and Mee can enjoy calling anyone she likes without being restricted by the computer’s location. In fact, VOIP calls can be made using Nokia E61 without switching on the computer. Nice.

One response on “I am free …

  1. sis

    well, what can i say bro… tat’s probably cuz you look sleepy all the time!

    anyway ….. erm.. i tot it’s about job performance rather than looks??!!?

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