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Why registering your own domain is important? I never thought about this question before and thought that a sub-domain would be good enough since I am only creating a blog for my own. First of all, what does it mean by sub-domain? My previous URL for My Ideas 4 You blog was Thus, it was a sub-domain of Now, My Idea 4 You is on its own domain which is, as you know, Dot me is the latest domain which is best for bloggers because it is all about ‘ME’ factor. Dot com is the popular one while dot org is mostly for organisation and so on. All My Reviews is on dot info which is a short form for information.

The reason behind registering all two domains for my two blogs is to make them unique. Imagine if I change my host and I do not have my own domain. I will then lose my readers because I have to change my sub-domain to another host and it will become Not only I will have to change my URL, I will also lose the realranks or pageranks which is associated to the previous URL.

Well, I have blogged for six months before I registered my first domain. The moment I created All My Reviews, I registered a domain for it immediately because I know the importance of having a domain by itself. So, why wait and regret later?

Both of my domains are registered with because it offers the best packages and variety of domains to choose from. Best of all, the price is competitive. It is very easy to setup a domain to be directed from your existing URL. I thought that it would be difficult at first but once I registered it, it was easy to setup. Sign up now and get amazing $5 off before anyone gets hold of your desired domain.

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