I made the right choice …

According to Trusted Review, the place where I always seek for the latest netbook reviews, Dell Mini Inspiron 12 is in UK for sale at £429. That is quite expensive considering that the best feature of it is only the 12 inches screen. Other than that, it has a 1.6GHz Atom Z530 CPU which is a processor normally spotted on smaller mobile devices. The problem with the processor is that it only accepts RAM up to 1GB which indicates that upgrading the RAM is pointless.

The UK model has an 80GB PATA hard drive as opposed to a SATA drive which can be found in US model. It will be shipped with Windows Vista Home Edition and by looking at the specifications offered; there is no doubt that Dell Mini Inspiron 12 will be slow, very slow.

At £429, I might be better off by getting Asus S101. On second thought, I am glad that I made a purchase on Samsung NC10 at £288.05 which has the same specifications as Asus S101 except that Samsung NC10 has a bigger hard drive and thicker. Both Dell Mini Inspiron 12 and Asus S101 are almost impossible to be upgraded and I am really happy that I made the right choice.

My only regret will come if a dual-core Atom processor is available for netbooks within the next few months. And that is almost impossible as Intel has claimed that the dual-core Atom processor will not be available for netbooks at the moment. But you never know.

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