Challenge and be a XML Superstar!

I used to think that I have wasted a lot of my time during college. I played computer games, snooker and eating supper was definitely one of the activities every night. Well, I am and was still skinny even though I ate almost four meals daily at that time.

If I started blogging much earlier, I could have fully utilized my time as well as learning some extra computer languages such as XML, C#, ASP and the likes. Even so, I never regret. I still know bits and pieces of C#, ASP, HTML, CSS and SQL even though I started late. The most important thing is to know how to improve.

For those who are familiar with XML, XQuery, and DB2, here is the opportunity to win great awards and prizes. The contest is held by IDUG and there are five separate categories which you can show off your power. They are video contest, gadget contest, XQuery challenge, Port an Application and Develop an Application. If you have developed any useful application, send it in and stand a chance to win a range of IT gadgets from USB keys to notebook computers.

Sometimes, you just never know. You might land yourself a nice and comfy job if you win the IDUG contest. Take the challenge and become the XML superstar!


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