Small problem when updating two blogs …

When I post anything about gadgets in My Ideas 4 You, I try not to talk too much about it because I have All My Reviews. Thus, sometimes it is quite hard avoid duplicate contents when you have more than one blog. I believe that you know what I am going to talk about.

Yeah, it is the Samsung NC10. I read a lot of comments and reviews as well as searching for the latest pictures of Samsung NC10. I really like the design of it and the specifications. Initially, I planned to do a full backup but I guess it is not necessary now because of Samsung Recovery Solution III. And also the CD that comes with it. As expected, Samsung NC10 works well with the preinstalled Windows XP. Gosh, I think I should stop commenting Samsung NC10 right now and leave it to All My Reviews. I have since posted Samsung NC10 – First Impression.

Overall, I am glad that I purchased Samsung NC10 and it does not disappoint me so far. I played around with it last night and was struck by a question that Mee asked. If I use the netbook at home, should I use the battery or power supply? She has the point, though. If I use the netbook with its power supply, I can unplug the battery and thus prolong the battery lifespan.

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