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My weekend shopping experience was ‘great’. Great in a way that there was a long queue into the shopping centre’s car park, all free car parks are full and the shopping centre was pack with people buying Christmas presents. It was fine for me because I do not usually go to town centre. However, I would wish that I could stay at home and browse the items online. A few clicks later, I will have the items sent to my home.

Most of the price comparison websites do not show all the online stores that are selling the products that you searched for. For example, when I was looking for my Samsung NC10 netbook, I only got a few stores to compare and Dixons was not in the list. The online stores that were in the list were selling Samsung NC10 in full price excluding delivery. Obviously, not the best price.

ShopWiki is where we need to go. It searches just any stores that you can find on the internet. It does not only give you the best prices but you can find information on the item that you choose. The categories are neatly organized and if you are not able to decide between, say, Playstation 3 or Xbox 360, pop in ShopWiki’s Video Game Consoles category and it will explain from head to toe what a Playstation 3 and an Xbox 360 is.

If you go into the shopping directory, ShopWiki offers lots of guides and ideas when you are shopping for a gift and you can even start your own guide to help others.

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