Weekend shopping craze …

As usual, two days without postings especially on weekends. Yeah, I got my netbook already however; I was busy configuring it on Saturday. Now, it is up and running and most of the programs that I am going to use with it are portable programs. I can delete them and reinstall them whenever I want without affecting the system registry. I have also burn a DVD of a modified version of Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.5 and soon, I will have it installed into my netbook.

As for Sunday, Mee was not able to get any shift and we went to the town centre to shop. There were lots of people in the Festival Place shopping centre and everyone was carrying loads of shopping bags. We went into TKMaxx and found out that they are charging 4 pence per plastic bag since 4th August 2008. You can imagine how long Mee and I have not gone for shopping in Festival Place.

We had McDonald in the afternoon and Nando’s as dinner. Well, we have not been there for three months in a row. The last time we went there was before I bought my car.

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