Latest dilemma …

I have to start wearing jacket nowadays. This morning was icing cold. It gets even colder when the wind blows. Hmm… this is the last week of November. Next month is Christmas time and it is all about spending and spending and spending.

Well, in my mind, I thought of changing my phone again since I repaired my Nokia E61. I thought the Sony Ericsson P990i could replace the Nokia E61 but I was wrong. The WiFi is not up to speed and navigation through the menus is slow. I read on forums that Sony Ericsson P1i improves a lot from Sony Ericsson P990i but the WiFi is still the same B range. Nokia E61 works flawlessly when making VOIP calls but Sony Ericsson lags terribly.

Hmm… I am finding excuses now. Yeah, that is right. I thought of changing the phone but at the same time, I still love Sony Ericsson P990i’s touch screen. What is the mobile phone in my mind then? It will be Sony Ericsson K850i; A simple and small mobile phone with normal functions. Since I already have a netbook and Nokia E61, I think it will be nice for me to get a normal mobile phone.

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