OSX86 installation successful …

The office server was down since last Friday. It is still in ICU at the moment and it might be up and running this afternoon. However, the advice from the IT support here is to use the server internally rather than college wide until they transfer all the data to a new server. I agree to that suggestion because the server may fail again due to instability of server hardware. However, my manager and ex-manager do not agree. They would rather have the old server running college wide and me doing the backup of our software ever hour until the new server is built.

Well, the backup part is alright but what if the old server failed again before the new server is up and running? The reason that the IT team suggested us to use it internally is to let us do our work rather than waiting for the new server. Otherwise, they would just inform us that we have to wait for the new server and they have scrapped the old server.

Mee worked late shift yesterday. She cooked me dinner before she left, hehe, nice. I managed to install Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.5 on my Samsung NC10 and so far, it was running fine. Right now, I have to do some research on Mac command to make things work because I am a Mac-noobie. I have also stopped using Firefox Portable and switched to Google Chromium. Well, I guess I made the right choice.

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