Xmas sales = Credit

It is the end of November. I listened to the 2Ten radio station yesterday and the DJ said that a month from now, the Christmas is over. Start from next week, some of my colleagues will be selling raffle tickets and there will be an event before Christmas where draws will take place. As far as I know, none of my colleagues have won anything.

Christmas certainly is a big event here. I am attracted to the sales too. Hence, I have been swiping my credit card whenever I see something cheap and I need to use it. Luckily, I clear my credit card’s balance every month. In fact, just a few months after my credit card application was approved, the bank had increased my credit limit.

The sales are getting even attractive as the price war between major supermarkets is more serious than ever. Most of them are taking the advantage of the VAT cut introduced by the government. Banks are not left behind too. Mee and I have been receiving letters about personal loans as well as credit cards’ application forms. Well, I believe one credit card is more than enough at the moment. After all, we do not know the best overall credit card as long as the credit card we have at the moment does not create problem for us and we clear the balance each month.

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