Camera selections

Mee bought her camera about two years ago and it is a Canon Ixus 65. Before that we had a Nikon but I cannot remember the model already. In fact, the Canon serves us well. It is fast, easy to use, easy to setup and has not given us any problem at all. However, we reckon that the old Nikon’s picture quality was better. The battery life and the flash recharge time were what let us down.

Soon, I believe that we will need something to replace the Canon Ixus 65. It will be either a digital SLR or a digital video camera. I am quite reluctant to get a video camera because we seldom record anything with the Canon Ixus 65. Well, if we were to get another digital camera, I am very happy to get another Nikon digital camera. Right at the moment, Nikon D90 digital SLR camera seems to be quite a good choice. Mee may not like it because it is not pocketable. But for me, I would not mind carrying something around my neck and take pictures whenever I can. Mind you, it can support up to 850 shots per charge.

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